Here are links to my different projects. This list only includes completed projects. Code for everything including projects still in development are available on my Github profile.

  • All
  • Front-End
  • Middle-Tier/C#
  • Full-Stack

Colton's Drum Shed

A front-end application I made early in the track at Centriq using basic HTML/CSS

The Doomed Cells

A console application I built using the .NET Framework. It is an interactive dungeon game with predefined rooms and dice-roll combat

Allieas Art Gallery

This is a storefront I built using .NET MVC and it's my first Full-Stack data-driven application

Scheduling Administration Tool

This is a Scheduling Administration Tool I built using pair programming with my classmate Sawyer Gobin. You can find a link to his site on my Education page.

Final Project

This is My Final Project at Centriq. It is a job board application. you can find more details by clicking this link and viewing the documentation